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Hybrid and solar power for events in winter

Popular Outdoor Christmas and Winter Events in the UK

The UK’s winter climate is not the most conducive to leaving the house. Outdoor event organisers have to go the extra mile to ensure that their events are inviting and cosy, while meeting visitor requirements. Magical winter fairs and Christmas markets require a lot of planning, and one crucial aspect that demands attention is the provision of temporary site power. Heating, lighting, electrical appliances and welfare facilities have to be powered and, in cases where mains electricity can’t be used, this usually means relying on petrol or diesel generators.

Fortunately, a number of eco-friendly solutions are currently available to help mitigate the environmental and financial impact of meeting these power requirements. In this article we’ll explore the power requirements for outdoor winter events and delve into the innovative temporary site power solutions and solar powered hybrid systems offered by AJC Power Solutions.

Improved Sustainability with Solar and Hybrid Power Solutions

Winter fairs and events are synonymous with dazzling light displays, festive music and a variety of attractions. Ensuring a seamless power supply is fundamental to the success of these events. Traditional power sources, often reliant on generators, can be both costly and environmentally unfriendly. Fortunately, the reliance on fossil fuels can be reduced by using temporary solar power systems. AJC Power Solutions has developed a number of products that help remote sites reduce emissions, improve sustainability and reduce costs.

  • Solar Pod Generators: The Solar Pod generator from AJC Power Solutions is a game-changer in temporary site power provision. This is a combined solar, battery and HVO powered generator that minimises carbon emissions and reduces fuel expenses. This seamless integration ensures a hassle-free experience for users, offering flexibility in power supply. For those looking to expand solar capacity, Solar Smart panels can be easily incorporated, or the system can be connected directly to the local power grid.

  • Battery Pod: The Battery Pod is a temporary site power storage solution that enhances sustainability by storing energy and minimising noise, emissions and fuel costs. Its modular and plug-and-play design seamlessly integrates with grid power or generators, providing users with the flexibility they need. The Autosmart system optimises power inputs and outputs, effectively controlling generator runtime. With three scalable model sizes, additional Battery Pods can be added to increase storage capacity. Combining the Battery Pod with Solar Smart Panels further boosts efficiency, reducing reliance on the grid and backup generators.

  • Solar Smart Panels: The Solar Smart Frame transforms temporary accommodation or welfare units into eco-friendly spaces. Designed to be easily deployable on cabin or container roofs, it produces up to 5kW of power. The simplicity of assembly and the lack of installation requirements make it a versatile renewable energy source. These units can be used independently or interconnected to meet higher power demands. Excess power generated is intelligently directed to the Solar Pod or Battery Pod for storage and distribution across the entire setup, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Off-Grid Lighting Solutions

AJC’s temporary solar power range also extends to lighting products. Site lighting is an integral part of any winter event, and AJC Power Solutions offer some innovative solar powered lighting products that provide a perfect solution for winter events.

  • Solar Tower Pod Off-Grid Floodlights: The Solar Tower Pod offers eco-friendly off-grid floodlighting, eliminating carbon emissions and noise. Equipped with extendible solar panels, the floodlights ensure maximum solar input year-round. The Solar Tower Pod incorporates six powerful LED lights with Autosmart technology, managing power supply efficiently. This unit is mounted on a trailer with stabilisation legs, featuring a daylight sensor for optimal energy production in auto mode.

  • Solar Street Light ZERO: Our efficient solar-powered street lights operate automatically with zero local emissions. Solar energy is collected and stored during daylight hours. The powerful LED activates in low light or at night when motion is detected within 10m. After a few minutes without movement, the light dims to 20%.

How AJC Power Solutions Products Contribute to Successful Winter Events

The implementation of AJC Power Solutions' solar power and hybrid systems translates to tangible benefits for winter event planners. By reducing carbon emissions, noise pollution and fuel costs, these products contribute to creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly event. The reliability of the Solar Pod Generators, Battery Pods and Solar Smart Panels ensures uninterrupted power, allowing event organisers to focus on delivering a memorable experience for attendees.

In addition to their environmental benefits, AJC Power Solutions' products offer a level of flexibility that is essential for the dynamic nature of outdoor winter events. The scalability of the Battery Pods and the option to expand solar capacity provide organisers with a temporary site power solution with the adaptability needed to meet the varying power demands of different events. The intelligent management systems integrated into these solutions further optimise power usage, reducing wastage and promoting efficiency.

Get in Touch

As winter approaches and the anticipation for festive events builds, AJC Power Solutions stands ready to support event organisers in their quest for sustainable and reliable power solutions. To explore how our Solar Pod Generators, Battery Pods and Solar Smart Panels can elevate your winter event, click here.

Are you interested in learning more about solar power for events? Speak to AJC Power Solutions today for comprehensive advice on the best temporary solar power solution for your project. Call us on 01582 486 663 for more information.


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