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Solar Tower Pod

Harvest & store solar energy for all night flood lighting.


Zero noise, Zero Emissions.
High power, solar tower lights.

The Solar Tower Pod eliminates carbon emissions and noise associated with off-grid floodlights.

All of our solar powered floodlights are equipped with large extendible solar panels to ensure maximum solar input in all seasons. The combination of the large battery bank and LED floodlights provides all night flood lighting.


The 6x powerful LED solar light poles are adjustable for focus and angle. 17,500 lumens brightness from the total array. The built in Autosmart technology efficiently manages the power supply between solar PV and the large battery bank.


All our solar tower lights are built onto an AL-KO braked, single axle trailer with stabilisation legs. Whilst in auto mode, the built in daylight sensor activates, optimising energy production.


Zero CO2 / Zero Fuel Costs / Zero Noise 

100% electric solar powered flood lights

The large solar panels and battery bank ensure enough power is collected for a night of PIR flood lighting.


Brochure Specifications

Solar Tower Pod LED Light Tower

Award winning power products

AJC are proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.

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