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Green Site Solutions: Off-grid Power for Construction Sites

Over recent years the construction industry has faced a number of challenges: the uncertainty and unexpected opportunities brought about by Covid lockdowns, supply chain instability and personnel shortages are just the tip of the iceberg.
As businesses opened up following the pandemic, the Ukraine conflict brought about fuel shortages which sent shockwaves rippling across the global economy.

Construction companies were hit particularly hard. These rising fuel prices coincided with the implementation in the UK of the “Red Diesel Ban”. A rebate on diesel had long been available for commercial and farming vehicles in the UK, and this diesel had been tinted red in order to distinguish it from fully-priced diesel for private use. Construction companies in particular were faced with the near impossible task of fueling their projects with record-high diesel prices and no financial relief.

The elimination of rebated diesel  formed part of a larger government incentive to move away from fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions (Net Zero 2030).
Unsustainable fuel costs and the increasingly stringent regulations surrounding emissions on construction sites have encouraged the industry to pursue green site solutions for powering projects. This surge in demand has led to the development of revolutionary technologies that provide environmentally friendly, off-grid power to construction sites.


Powering Construction Sites – Meeting the Demand for Electricity

While heavy machinery places a taxing demand on site resources and is highly dependent on fossil fuels; smaller tools and equipment, lighting, welfare facilities, communications installations and site offices also consume a great deal of energy. 
To fulfil this power requirement, general contractors turn to an array of solutions that ensure a steady energy flow at their construction sites. 
Providing temporary power for construction sites may include the use of:

  • Portable generators

  • Temporary solar panel installations

  • Connection to the existing municipal power grid, where this is a possibility 

In this article, we will explore the diverse methods and equipment that power the construction industry and examine some truly innovative off-grid power solutions by AJC Power Solutions, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of green site power solutions.

The Power of Green Site Solutions

AJC Power Solutions offers a comprehensive range of sustainable power solutions designed to meet the unique demands of construction sites. With most of their products designed to be used independently or connected in tandem, their off-grid solutions offer flexible energy options to construction sites.


These products include:

Solar Smart

Solar Smart Panels:

Solar Smart Panels from AJC Power Solutions are engineered to make temporary accommodations or containers more environmentally friendly. These panels come with a flexible Solar Smart Frame, which can be either floor-standing or roof-mounted. The beauty of this system is that each frame is capable of producing up to 5kW of power. But what sets it apart is its ease of assembly, eliminating the need for complex installations. This flexibility and efficiency make it an ideal power source for remote construction sites.

Battery Pod

Battery Pod:

The Battery Pod from AJC Power Solutions is a battery energy storage solution that comes in three models, ranging from 30/80 to 45/150. It can connect to any auto generator, regardless of size, or any grid setup, effectively reducing the load. Perhaps one of its most impressive features is its ability to operate quietly overnight when paired with generators. This makes it an ideal off-grid solution for construction sites in urban areas where noise pollution is a concern.

Solar Pod:


AJC Power Solutions presents the Solar Pod, a solar power generator that significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs. The Solar Pod efficiently manages power supply between solar PV, battery banks and backup generators, ensuring a continuous power supply for construction sites. By incorporating Solar Smart panels into the mix, you can further increase solar capacity and reduce reliance on backup generators, making your construction site more eco-friendly.

Solar Pod
Solar Tower Pod

Solar Tower Pod:


The Solar Tower Pod is a game-changer for off-grid floodlights. It eliminates carbon emissions and the noise often associated with traditional power sources. Equipped with large extendable solar panels and powerful LED floodlights, it provides all-night flood lighting without the need for conventional power sources. The built-in Autosmart technology optimises energy production, and the tower lights are easily transportable, thanks to being built onto an AL-KO braked, single-axle trailer with stabilisation legs.

Charge Pod

Charge Pod:


AJC's Charge Pod is a solar-powered charging station designed to keep tools charged right where they are needed. This innovative solution not only reduces carbon emissions but also lowers fuel costs associated with tool charging by harnessing solar energy. Each Charge Pod comes complete with a backup HVO generator or hydrogen fuel cell, efficiently managing power supply and providing up to 36 lockers for charging multiple battery-powered tools simultaneously. Each locker is equipped with sockets and USB ports, ensuring that your workers can keep their equipment powered and secure.

Solar Light Zero

Solar Street Light ZERO:


AJC's Solar Street Light ZERO is a fully automatic solar panel street light that operates with zero local emissions. It collects and stores solar energy during daylight hours and activates powerful LED lights when motion is detected at night. This intelligent system ensures efficient energy usage and reduces environmental impact.

More About AJC Power Solutions

AJC’s Solar Pod / Bat Pod / Solar are designed to replace large generators of 10Kva and above. They play a crucial role in providing temporary power for construction sites, including site office units, toilets, canteens, changing rooms, lighting, heating, drying rooms, device charging, tool charging, Wi-Fi, communications and security systems.

The Solar Pod, rated at 30 KVA, can power up to five cabins on a small site, all within a single mobile unit. It is also a valuable asset for powering pumps, communication base stations, radar stations, or any off-grid appliances that require 30 KVA to operate.

The Battery Pod can be used alongside existing on-site generators, significantly reducing fuel consumption, by as much as 50%. This not only saves money but also allows for quiet overnight operation in urban locations. For larger off-grid sites, multiple Battery Pods can be chained together, providing substantial power storage. Moreover, they can also be utilised on sites connected to the electricity grid, saving power from the grid and offering backup power in case of outages. AJC Power Solutions aims to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by at least 50% with their hybrid kit.

Customised Off-Grid Power Solutions for Every Construction Site

AJC Power Solutions understand that every construction site is unique, with varying power requirements. To ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste, both in terms of energy and resources, they work closely with construction companies to design and implement tailored power solutions. Their commitment to customisation ensures that each site receives power solutions that align precisely with its specific needs.
Interested in learning more about off-grid power solutions for your site?


Get in touch with AJC Power Solutions on 01582 486663 to discuss your project.

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