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Energy storage, expandable to suit any application.

Battery Pod

Intelligent battery storage system

Responsive energy storage for sites large & small.

The Battery Pod energy storage system reduces noise pollution, carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with power provision by storing energy to provide offline power to your site.


Energy can be stored from multiple sources and channelled to where it’s needed automatically when demand is high. Our battery energy storage system is designed to be modular and plug‘n’play. Insert the unit in between your grid power or generator and your units.


For sustainability, add more solar power battery systems. There are 5 model sizes, with a choice of power and storage options depending on your power needs and application type. Fully automatic, all you need to do is plug in and switch on. Your generator is now the backup! Noise and generator running times are reduced.

The Autosmart system takes care of all the power inputs to charge the batteries and manages the power output. Plug in your site generator and the portable lithium power station will control the generator run time to keep up with power demands. For large site setups, multiple solar battery storage systems can be used. Cascade multiple Battery Pods to increase storage capacity resulting in longer run times and better returns.


The Battery Pod is designed to work in harmony with other AJC Power Solutions products to increase efficiency further. Adding the Solar Smart Panels into the mix speeds up battery charge times and lowers dependence on the grid and your backup power generator.

5 Models with AJC SubZero Heated Lithium Batteries


Brochure Specifications


Reduce CO2 / Reduce Fuel Costs / Reduce Noise 

Store energy to provide offline power 

Energy can be stored from multiple sources and channelled to where it’s needed automatically when demand is high. 

Reduce CO2 even further!

Storage expansion

Multiple solar power battery systems can be cascaded together, resulting in extended storage capacity.



3x Cascaded 45/150‘s

1x 45/450 power solution.


Reduce CO2 even further!

Possible Applications

Construction Sites

Temporary offices

Outdoor events

Indoor events

TV & Film sets

Grid backup

Grid peak shaving

Pumping applications

Telecoms BTS

Commercial buildings

and many others.

Battery Pod

Battery Storage Unit
Shown below typical site setup working with Solar Smart & Solar Pod.

Solar Smart

Power charging scenarios
Simple examples of how energy flows over 24 hours


Award winning power products

AJC are proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.


Connect Battery Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites with solar battery energy. Scale up or down with your project needs.


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