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Renewable & reliable hybrid power supply, perfectly packaged.

Solar POD
Solar Pod

Mobile solar generator.

Solar, Battery and HVO driven generator all in one canopy. Designed to supply power to multiple single phase applications.

Easily add sustainable power to any site, anywhere.

The Solar Pod generator (Patented) significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with power provision by harvesting solar energy to provide emission-free power to your sites.


Complete with a backup generator, the built-in Victron system efficiently manages the power supply between solar PV, battery bank and generator. The backup Stage V generator has increased particulate filtering, lower emissions and can run a variety of fuels including HVO. This intelligent system ensures that all the end user needs to do is plug in & switch on. All power needs are managed by the system without user interaction. 

Add more solar capacity to your setup by plugging in Solar Smart panels to the Solar Pod portable power station. Remove the need for the integral backup generator by plugging directly into the local power grid.  


The local power grid is then used as the backup power supply. Maximise solar input to your existing site accommodation by swapping the site generator with a Solar Pod hybrid generator. Further energy savings can be made with Solar Smart Site products (Battery Pod & Solar Smart Panels).


Reduce CO2 / Reduce Fuel Costs / Reduce Noise 

Proven reductions
50 to 100%

The Solar Pod has been in use since 2018. We have data from many types of sites, operating in all weather. This hybrid solar generator system offers significant reductions in fuel costs when compared to traditional site generators running 100% of the time.

Reduce CO2 even further!

Compatible with HVO & biodiesel fuels

The Solar Pod has a built-in generator compliant to Stage V NRMM (Regulation 2016/1628). Improved particulate and NoX filtration. When using HVO fuel, expect an 80% or more reduction in CO2 emissions compared to standard diesel.


Compatible with fuel types: 

Standard Diesel: EN590:96  BS 2869 - A1 or A2
Alternative fuels from recognised/authorised suppliers: 
Biodiesel B5 EN14212  /  HVO EN15940  /  GTL EN15940  /  BTL EN15940



Brochure Specifications / Case Study

Solar Pod

Saving fuel & cutting emissions since 2018
Shown below mk1 - mk2 - mk3, Solar Pod Models

Solar Smart

Power charging scenarios
Simple examples of how energy flows over 24 hours


Award-winning power products

AJC are proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.


Connect Battery Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Power Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites. Scale up or down with your project needs.


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