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Charge Pod

Tool charging.
Right where it’s needed.

Charge Pod

Off grid solar-powered battery charging station.
Autonomous, solar hybrid charging stations with HVO backup power.

Keep tools charged close to where they are needed. Our solar tool battery chargers are designed to charge multiple battery-powered products at once, reducing the number of temporary electrics and cables on your site.

Position a Charge Pod next to where staff are working and increase productivity. No more trips back-to-base to charge and collect tool batteries.


The Charge Pod (patent pending) solar-powered charging station significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with tool charging by harvesting solar energy to provide free power to your sites. Complete with a backup HVO compatible generator or hydrogen fuel cell, the built in Ecosmart system efficiently manages the power supply between solar PV, battery bank and generator. Our Autosmart system ensures that all the end user needs to do is switch on and use.  


We can provide up to 36 lockers, ready for your workers to have individual access and keep their items safe while charging. Larger lockers are available in the layout if needed. Each locker has two 230V 3-pin sockets plus two USB 2.0 sockets. Each door is waterproof, sealed with rubber seals all round to keep wind and rain out. Each locker is vandal proof and secure.


​All our off-grid solar charging lockers come equipped with key or code access. For extra peace of mind, we can also provide an optional integrated hand wash station.


Reduce CO2 / Reduce Fuel Costs / Reduce Noise 

Power your tools with a hybrid charging station

Solar, batteries & backup all-in-one unit. Convenient tool charging for users, cost effective for operators.

Reduce CO2 even further!

Compatible with HVO & bio diesel fuels

The Charge Pod solar tool battery charger features a built-in generator compliant to Stage V NRMM (Regulation 2016/1628) as well as improved particulate and NoX filtration. When using HVO fuel, expect an 80% or more reduction in CO2 emissions compared to standard diesel.


Compatible with fuel types: 

Standard Diesel: EN590:96  BS 2869 - A1 or A2
Alternative fuels from recognised/authorised suppliers: 
BioDiesel B5 EN14212  /  HVO EN15940  /  GTL EN15940  /  BTL EN15940



Brochure Specifications

Charge Pod
Charge Pod Working

Award-winning power products

At AJC, we're proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.

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