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At AJC Power Solutions, we specialise in providing innovative commercial solar energy solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of a number of sectors. Our state-of-the-art solar power solutions are engineered to deliver reliable and sustainable power, assisting businesses across the UK & worldwide in reducing their carbon footprint, lowering operational costs and enhancing their commitment to the environment. With our expertise and dedication to providing nothing short of excellence, we have successfully served various sectors, delivering cost-effective and effective commercial power solutions.


The sectors we cater to include:



The construction sector is the primary sector our products are used in. Our power solutions are perfectly packaged to add sustainable power onto temporary construction sites. 

Our solar energy and battery storage solutions are designed to plug into existing site setups with ease.


Our hybrid power products are owned and operated by large companies working on utilities projects world-wide.

Water, electricity grid, nuclear, road building to name just a few.

If a temporary site power supply is required, then our products are the perfect match. Cutting emissions and fuels costs.


Hire Fleet

Some of our largest customers are hire companies, servicing their customers specific requirements.

Owned and operated in large fleets of units available for hire at short notice.

Contact us to find out where to hire any of our products, we can recommend a hire company in your area that operates our products.

Emergency – Humanitarian

The temporary nature of our products allow emergency services to set up and use sustainable power and battery storage in hard to reach places.



Power solutions for outdoor events. Our battery & solar frames are a great match on large outdoor festivals, reducing runtime on connected generators and cutting emissions and fuel costs.


Power solutions for remote BTS sites. Our Battery Pod & Solar Smart frames reduce runtime on connected generators and cut emissions and fuel costs.


Farming / Agriculture

Power solutions for ideal for remote facilities on agricultural land, or as part of processing or operation power input.

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