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Roof/floor mounted, plug-in solar panels

Solar Smart
Solar Smart
Bolt Plug in Solar Smart

Bolt-on, plug-in and use. Solar Power direct into your site cabins or into our Battery Pod or Solar Pod to maximise solar production.

Reduce fuel costs, reduce harmful emissions.
No complicated electrical installation.

Designed to make any temporary accommodation or container more environmentally-friendly, the Solar Smart Frame features floor-standing or roof-mounted solar panels. Used in conjunction with a Solar Pod or Battery Pod, these hybrid solar panels can power whole setups. This plug-in solar panel setup can make every 32ft or 20ft cabin/container roof a renewable energy source – with each Solar Smart Frame able to produce up to 5kW of power.


The frame is simple to assemble and requires no installation. The unit is lifted into position by forklift or crane, then ISO corner locks are used to hold each frame in place.


Every Solar Smart unit can be used alone or connected to other Solar Smart plug-in solar panels to distribute power across larger sites with higher power demands. Once solar power has been generated through the Solar Smart Frame, the energy will be used to power any heating, lighting or plug sockets inside the units. Any leftover power can be sent to the Solar Pod or Battery Pod to be stored and strategically distributed on site to the units connected within the setup.

2 Models / to fit 20ft or 32ft containers or cabins.


Reduce CO2 / Reduce Fuel Costs / Reduce Noise 

Add solar power into the mix on your site.

Bolt on some Solar Smart Frames and enjoy extra power input without complicated installation. Take the pressure off your grid, generator or BSU connections with these ground or roof-mounted solar panels.

Reduce CO2 even further!

Expand your solar input

Multiple Solar Smart Frames can be cascaded together, resulting in extended solar input capacity. They can be used on spare floor space if needed. 



Brochure Specifications

Solar Smart

Typical connections
Shown below typical site setup

Solar Smart

Power charging scenarios
Simple examples of how energy flows over 24 hours


Award-winning power products

AJC are proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.


Connect Battery Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites with smart solar panels. Scale up or down with your project needs.


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