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Benefits Of Using a Hybrid Generator

What is a Hybrid Generator?

A hybrid power generator is a power generation system that combines two or more different sources of energy to produce electricity. Unlike conventional generators, which typically rely on a single fuel source such as diesel or petrol, hybrid generators can draw power from renewable energy sources.

Solar panels are a particularly innovative alternative to fossil fuels. By integrating them into our professional generators, we provide products that will allow you to complete your project whilst maintaining sustainability goals.

How does it work?

Intelligent control systems play a crucial role in optimising the operation of hybrid generators and monitoring fuel availability. Through real-time adjustments, hybrid portable generators can optimise the balance between renewable and conventional energy sources, maximising efficiency and reliability.

The Benefits:


Hybrid generators save money and cut costs by using renewable energy such as solar power, which means less money spent on expensive traditional fuels such as gas, petrol or diesel. These features allow you to become more self-sufficient and power off-grid locations without having to rely on expensive fossil fuels that are susceptible to price fluctuations.


Choosing a hybrid energy generator will help you reach your sustainability targets without compromising on power or efficiency. Integrating renewable energy sources helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Low Noise Pollution

A hybrid generator will provide greater comfort to your team than a traditional unit. As well as mitigating the noise risks associated with traditional generators, the low noise operation of hybrid generators makes them particularly well-suited for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas, schools and healthcare facilities.

Continuous Power Supply

Hybrid generators are able to detect an outage immediately and switch between supplies as necessary, meaning you can rely on continuous energy. In commercial settings, uninterrupted electricity ensures smooth operations, maintaining productivity levels and meeting customer demands without disruptions or delays.

Hire With AJC Power Solutions

The AJC Power Solutions team are here to help determine which will be the best hybrid portable generator for your set-up, call them today on 01582 486663. We have a choice of high-quality, reliable products available, including:

Solar Pod

Enjoy the mobile nature of this hybrid solar power generator. The cleverly designed Solar Pod features an integrated system engineered to provide power for numerous single-phase applications, combining solar, battery, and HVO within a single canopy. With a reliable backup generator, you can be certain you will always have the power you require. Simply plug in the generator and turn it on.

Battery Pod

The Battery Pod system offers the flexibility to store energy from several sources. It diminishes noise pollution, cuts carbon emissions and lowers fuel expenses linked to the power supply by storing energy to deliver power to your site.

Solar Smart

Featuring floor-standing or roof-mounted solar panels, the Solar Smart system is perfect for providing green energy to containers or temporary accommodations. The frames are simple to assemble and can generate an impressive 5kw of power.

Award-winning power products

AJC is proud to be a multiple award-winning company with an excellent reputation for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions. We offer energy solutions for off-grid enterprises that don’t compromise on environmental care.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is based in Luton. Our team thoughtfully designs and manufactures our hybrid generators, taking care to create products that optimise efficiency. Our priority is to provide our customers with sustainable energy alternatives to off-grid power sources.

We’d love to discuss how our solar products can transform the way you power your project. Call us today on 01582 486663 or email us at


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