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Huge Emissions & fuel savings, measured over 1 year.

A perfect hybrid power solution for small site compounds.

Use a Solar Pod instead of a standard diesel generator. 9,128kWH of power used, 28T CO2 saved, compared to a Diesel generator. With today’s diesel prices this amounts to a £15,000 saving over a year. These are numbers that cannot be ignored.

Solar Pod’s are in use UK wide on small and large sites UK wide since 2018. Loved by fleet owners & end users for their simplicity and power saving potential.

Complete with a backup generator, the built in Ecosmart systems efficiently manages the power supply between solar PV, battery bank and generator. Our Autosmart system ensures that all the end user needs to do is switch on and use, meaning that switching to a hybrid power supply will be a completely seamless process, where minimal adjustment is necessary.

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Solar Pod


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