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Choosing the right temporary power solutions for your winter construction site

Powering your construction site with sustainability this winter

Dark, cold days, combined with the risks of mud, sleet and snow - winter can be considered the most hazardous time of year for construction sites. To ensure the safety of those on site, planning is a crucial aspect of getting through this frosty period. Construction sites demand reliable and consistent power, especially during these unforgiving winter months.

Luckily, at AJC Power Solutions, we provide several eco-friendly systems to help sustain projects during the colder climate. Our hybrid solutions integrate both traditional and sustainable energy sources, providing uninterrupted power despite weather adversities.

In this article, we’ll explore how to choose the right temporary power solutions for your construction site this winter and delve into the benefits of our solar powered hybrid systems.

Choosing the right temporary power for your construction site.

Are you looking for a reliable temporary power solution for your construction site during the winter months? When choosing the right power system, several factors come into play.

Site location

The geographical location of the construction site is important when choosing a temporary power supply. Areas prone to severe winter conditions like heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures or frequent storms require robust power. Assess the site's accessibility and terrain to determine the best placement for your power solution. Remote sites might benefit more from self-sufficient solar setups, while urban locations may benefit from hybrid systems.

Power requirements

Understanding the specific power needs of the construction site is fundamental. Consider the machinery, equipment and tools that require electricity. Assess peak and average power demands to size the temporary power system appropriately. Winter conditions often demand higher energy consumption due to heating requirements, so accounting for this surge is crucial to prevent power shortages.

Reliability and maintenance

Prioritise reliability and ease of maintenance when selecting a temporary power solution this winter. Our hybrid and solar systems are designed for reliability, with regular maintenance ensuring optimal performance even in freezing conditions. With reduced reliance on generators, our solutions offer not only reliability but also ease of maintenance, resulting in decreased downtime and increased efficiency.


The eco-friendly nature of AJC’s solar power systems aligns with sustainability goals, reducing carbon footprints and promoting a greener approach to construction.

By considering these crucial factors – energy needs, reliability and location – our tailored solar and hybrid power solutions are ideal for winter construction projects.

Our temporary site power solutions

AJC Power Solutions has developed several products to help you power your construction site sustainably this winter:

The Solar Pod generator revolutionises temporary site power. It merges solar, battery and HVO power, curbing emissions and cutting fuel costs. Seamlessly integrated, it assures a user-friendly, flexible power supply. It easily accommodates additional Solar Smart panels for expanded solar capacity or direct connection to the local power grid, enhancing adaptability.

The Solar Smart Frame has been designed to provide solar power to welfare units. With an ability to generate up to 5kW of power, it is simple to install on welfare cabin or container roofs. It can also be used as a floor-standing frame. This frame can be used with the grid or a standard generator or in combination with a Solar Pod or Battery Pod to provide an extra solar power power solution.

A solution for storing temporary site power, the Battery Pod prioritises sustainability by storing energy and reducing noise, emissions and fuel expenses. Its modular, plug-and-play design seamlessly blends with grid power or generators, offering users the utmost flexibility.

Choose reliability with our temporary solar power solutions

Winter intensifies challenges for power supply at construction sites. Freezing temperatures affect fuel efficiency in generators, posing a risk of breakdowns and delays. Snow and ice accumulation can disrupt traditional power sources.

Adequate power solutions, like our hybrid systems, combat these challenges by leveraging renewable energy while ensuring a dependable backup from conventional sources.

Get In Touch

Equip your construction site for the cold winter ahead and discover more about how we can support your project with our sustainable solutions. Please visit our website here to view our full range of eco-friendly power solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about our temporary power for construction sites, please get in touch. Call us on 01582 486 663 for comprehensive advice on how to power your site safely this winter with our solar power hybrid systems.


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