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Solar Street Light

Store solar energy and use it at night. Zero local emissions & fully automatic.


Zero noise, Zero Emissions.
Solar Street Light: Highly efficient solar powered street lights.

Our trusted solar panel street lights enable a fully automatic operation whilst providing ZERO local emissions. During daylight hours, solar energy is collected and stored in the batteries.


When in low light or night-time the powerful LED auto activates when movement is detected within 10m of the light. Once the movement has stopped, after a few minutes the light will dim to 20%. 


Zero CO2 / Zero Fuel Costs / Zero Noise 

100% electric solar street lighting

Integral solar & battery ensure enough solar power is collected for a night of PIR activated street lighting.


Brochure Specifications

Solar Street Light

Award winning power products

AJC are proud to be multiple award winners for our sustainable welfare facilities and power solutions.

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