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AJC EasyCabin & InfraFleet have won a GOLD at the Green Apple Awards for Sustainable Development.

The EasyCabin e-smart is now a Green Apple Winner.

👏 BIG THANKS to all our teams at AJC and Infrafleet working hard behind the scenes to make this possible...

More info:

The e-smart goes 1 step beyond ZERO emissions.

Welfare with ZERO fuel.

100% electric. 

We have been working hard to develop, test and improve our systems to achieve this.

✅ Huge Solar Input

✅ Huge on-board battery storage

✅ Swappable battery cells

✅ Extendible storage with a Battery Pod BSU

❌   NO generators

❌    NO Diesel heating systems

❌   NO Fuel needed. No LPG, No HVO, No Hydrogen, No Petrol, No diesel. 

We are working in partnership with InfraFleet to launch this ground breaking product.

InfraFleet have the operational knowledge to maintain the highest level of service. They are pioneers in 100% renewable hire fleet operations. 

InfraFleet will monitor and maintain each unit on-site to ensure:

Correct user operations

Remote power use monitoring & control

Battery swapping charged with renewable grid

Management of extendible storage with a Battery Pod BSU

Unit servicing 

For more information > please comment below or visit.

HIRE / LEASE 100% Electric Fleet hire


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